There is both a steady increase in the production of art in society and in research on art and culture within the social sciences. Therefore it seems appropriate to propose artification as a new field for the sociology of art and social and cultural change. Artification is the transformation of non-art into art. This consists of a complex social process of transfiguration of people, things and practices. Artification not only has to do with symbolic change, shifting hierarchies and legitimacy. It also implies very concrete modifications in people's physical traits and manners, in ways of cooperating and organizing, in the goods and artifacts that are used, etc. These processes redefine borders between art and non-art, and reconstruct new social worlds.
Andreas Richard Bordenache, born in Karlsruhe[24.04.77]>>>Baron von Thavon [by blood] => artistname...
---> painter /// mixed media artist---> 3d|digital artist, motion designer, photographer, musician... artist...
Mother Karin Bordenache: architect - born name Karin von Thavon-Schestauber.
Father Richard Bordenache: architect - deceased 1987.
#1997 European Baccalaureate at European School Karlsruhe.[mother tongues:german;french;italian;english]
#1997-1999 civil service Berlin.
#1999-2001 stage and apprenticeship as digital arrtist for video and sound at Kodiak Gmbh/Spherico, with Andreas Kiel as director of the company and SWR Baden-Baden.
During this time I was involved in many productions for instance, in the art project called „place urbanity“ from Jeffrey Shaw, who was art director of the ZKM Karlsruhe from 1991-2003. This project was created with Andreas Kiels unique 360 degrees camera. [video footage stitching & timing of 15 dv camcorders, color correction and color keying]
#2003-2006 media art studies at the HfG ( with Peter Sloterdijk as director), where my main professor/friend/´brother´and mentor later on was Michael Saup.
Impressum: Richard, Baron von Thavon | A.Bordenache  | Fährhausstr.38 | 22085 Hamburg